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Welcome to Sinomine Bikita Minerals


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are foremost concerned with improving the human conditions and quality of life for members of our communities. Our focus has been on investing in infrastructure development in the areas of clean water, health, employment, road rehabilitation and education.

Other Projects

Bikita Minerals is currently constructing a 130km, 132/33 KVA powerline from Tokwe-Bikita. The project is funded to the tune of USD 20 million, with an additional USD 2 million earmarked for rural electrification of Bikita, Zaka NAD Gutu districts.

Feasibility studies for the construction of the new Birchenough bridge are now complete.

The Lithium mine is also carrying out feasibility studies for the construction of a smelter plant.

On employment
Currently we employ 1000 employees from 360 employed in 2022.
Our contractors employ about 1200 (80% are locals).
Employee welfare
The company provides accommodation to 600 mine employees and planning to acquire land from Bikita RDC.


We have a state-of-the-art primary school and clinic catering for the employees’ children and surrounding communities.

In addition, we sponsor Bikita Minerals FC in the Eastern Region Division One.